Our business is the wholesale import of quality fabrics of all kinds and at a wide range of prices mainly from Italy. We began here in the Czech Republic in 2001, and thus we have an established and successful trading relationship with our Italian partners.

We offer a range of dressmaking fabrics, soft furnishing and upholstery fabrics, as well as haberdashery and a limited range of costume jewellery. Also we offer oddments from exclusive Italian custom fabrics.

Our aim is to provide a constant variety of new and changing styles. Several times a month we receive deliveries of new products, and therefore in our retail store you will always find something new and up to date to delight you.

Our large stock and huge selection awaits you!
Our showroom extends over 700 m2 (7000 sq ft). Here, our fabrics are displayed on a cash-and-carry basis. Our range also extends over all types of fabrics, for all seasons.

We think that Italian fabrics offer the best in terms of both quality and design!

Italian fabrics have always been and will always be highly fashionable – and this has been so since at least the Medicis. They have also been the byword for their durability and first class workmanship.

Our vision is to present for you an extremely wide range, a big spectrum of colours and many exciting designs.